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Welcome to the Zed Binary Cyber Security Test

You will be asked a series of questions, some of which are technical in nature.

If you do not understand a question, don't worry, just move on.

This test is in no way a replacement for a security consultant or a full security audit, however, may highlight to you areas of your own personal and your corporate security that could be improved.

If you have any questions about this test, then please contact us using our form, or book a meeting.

When you are ready, please click the button below to begin the test.

A little about you
First Name
Surname Name
House Number
Address Line 1
Address Line 2

Mother's Maiden Name

First Pet Name
I do not want to provide this information
A little about your devices
I own/use a phone, tablet and laptop
I have installed a VPN on my devices
I have installed anti-virus software on my devices
I have a firewall running on my laptop/PC
I update my devices with the latest patches
I have secured my device configurations
I store my passwords on my device
I use multi-factor authentication on my devices
Some of my devices have encrypted drives
My devices all have encrypted drives
A little about your networks
I only use my home network
I login to my network with a short password
I use WPA2/3
I have installed a firewall on all my networks
I have a VPN service on all my devices
I scan my network traffic for suspicious activity
I have layers of encryption and segmentation on my networks
A little about your applications
I only download applications from known sources
I check the configuration of my applications
I check my applications with an Anti-Virus scanner
I restrict data access on my applications
I restrict access to devices, like cameras
A little about your data storage
I store my data in the cloud
I have a unique password for each data store
I have port scanned my data stores
I backup my data regularly to multiple places
I have tested restoring my data
I scan my data to ensure it has not changed
I encrypt my data before storing it
Your Results
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