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IT Strategy, Cyber Security, Agile, DevOps, Testing, Test Automation


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Implement cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your company's and customers' data. Our IT consulting team can provide you with up-to-date security awareness solutions.
It is critical to safeguard your firm against fraud, data theft, and other internet dangers. Every day, thousands of compromised web pages are uncovered. Over the previous few years, data breaches have affected hundreds of millions of records, and recovering from such breaches is difficult. Many micro-terrorist groups are also springing up. These devices hack into computers, exposing all of your personal information.
Why do you need our services?
  • The clarity in Cyber Security: Gain a clear picture of your security flaws and see where you need to improve and understand what needs to be done to keep you safe when it comes to cyber security.
  • Cyber Security Testing: Test your employees' adherence to your security policies on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that you follow NIST governance and industry best practices when it comes to cyber security.
  • Threats to Cybersecurity: Determine who is attempting to compromise your security and close the door on them.
  • Governance of Cybersecurity: To help you succeed, get the correct security policies for your company.

  • Assess your estate's cyber security risks and make informed decisions about threats.
Agile Project Management

The agile development strategy allows the company to produce high-quality software with shorter release cycles that are more responsive to consumer requests.
Agile development, which uses shorter sprints, is gaining traction as a way to keep the development process moving along in line with business objectives.
For over 15 years, we've been delivering and deploying many flavors of agile software.
If you get an agile development for your software you'll get regular updates on how the code is progressing. We can tailor our services to your company's specific needs and deliver faster and more precisely using cutting-edge approaches.

Agile Project Management and Agile Software Delivery

With our fast DevOps, we reduce infrastructure delivery time from months to hours, with no need to start from scratch every time and instead rely on expertise. Every time you deploy code, do best-of-breed security testing that covers application, server, interface, penetration, network, and more. Plus, we ensure that you receive the best service as normal.

We employ cloud infrastructure to enable you to adapt to your needs, enhance performance, and adjust to demand while only paying for what you need and lowering patching and maintenance costs. Our designs feature industry-leading load management to dynamically scale for peak load, offering your users the greatest performance every time.

Dev Ops and DevOps and DevSecOps

We develop a test data strategy tailored to your needs so that your tests are realistic and comprehensive, including automatic obfuscation of your production data. Our products have been designed to give results rapidly for both small and large multinational businesses. We've worked with a variety of scales and can quickly adapt to your requirements. ZED Binary can also design traceability tools to match your demands and track them with complicated integrations and test automation.

Testing and Test Automation